Rental Terms & Conditions

Rental Terms & Conditions of Business…

Please find below our Terms & Conditions of business. These conditions are for your protection as a valued client and for us as a professional business operator. Please take some time to read. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The company , P.H Sound Systems LTD., (hereinafter called “The Owner”)  is the owner of the items hired as specified overleaf (hereinafter called “the goods”). The owner lets the goods to the invoicee named overleaf (herein after called “The Hirer”)
  2. The goods shall be collected by the Hirer at the owners premises between the hours of 9:30am and 5:30pm Monday to Saturday or at any other times prior to arrangement.
  3. The good must be returned to the owner at the end of the hire period  or before 12 noon the next day.
  4. The fee for hiring goods must be paid in advance of hiring.
  5. The hirer shall not offer any or any part of the goods for sale , mortgage, pledge , underlet or lend the goods.
  6. The hirer must not interfere with or adjust any of the goods hired. Any item of goods which appear to be faulty must be returned , without delay to the owner. The hirer shall keep the Owner indemnified against all costs, damages or loss whatsoever arising out of the damage caused to any goods by wilful and/ or accidental misuse of the goods.
  7. The Hirer hereby authorises the owner to gain access to the goods at all times for the purpose of inspection , testing, repairing  replacing or repossessing same.
  8. The owner may fix or cause to be fixed on the goods or any part thereof such plates or marks indicating the the goods are the property of the owner and the hirer shall allow such plates or marks to remain as fixed and shall not obliterate or cover up same.
  9. The hirer shall indemnify and keep the Owner against all loss , damage, expense or injury including economic loss and consequential loss occasioned by the hirers’ use or misuse of the goods.
  10. The Owner shall not be liable for any expense, liability, loss, claim or proceeding whatsoever in respect of any personal injury whatsoever caused to any persons or property arising out of the hirer’s use or misuse of the goods.
  11. The owner shall not be liable for any loss , damage, liability , injury, claim , proceeding including economic or consequential loss arising out of the unsuitability , repossession , breakdown or stoppage of any goods.
  12. The Owner is entitled at any time, for any reason whatsoever and without explanation to terminate this agreement (such termination to be effective immediately) and to repossess the goods.
  13. The hirer, having inspected the goods, hereby deems same to be in good working order and free from damage.
  14. Where the goods comprise electrical equipment in part or in whole the same must be connected to the correct supply by a qualified electrician, Under no circumstances should electrical goods be used without being correctly earthed unless it is of double insulated construction.