Pyrotechnic FX


Staging Special FX…


Stage Pyrotechnics are similar in nature to how fireworks operate yet they are totally different at the same time. Stage Pyrotechnics are manufactured to much tighter tolerances to ensure that performers on stage are totally safe at all times. We only use stage pyros from world leading manufacturers such as Le Maitre and use only the safest double lock firing systems available.

Stage Pyrotechnics are available in different shapes, sizes, colours and durations from theatrical flashes right the way up to Arena Mines, Comets and Waterfalls.

It’s worth noting that here in Ireland, Stage Pyrotechnics are licensed in a similar way to outdoor Fireworks where licenses and permissions must be obtained from Department of Justice, Fire Brigade and Gardaí. P.H. Systems LTD. / The Sound Co. are one of only a few licenced operators who have all the statutory requirements to import and operate such pyrotechnics. We handle all the paperwork to make sure your that event runs safely in accordance with legal requirements. Pyrotechnics do require time to import for events and it is worth noting that a lead time of 4 weeks is advised if you wish to add them to your event.

We never use cheap imports from outside of the EU. We can stand over all of our Pyrotechnic systems and our Crew are trained in the correct use of it.

Confetti Canons

There is no better way of making a mess than with confetti! There’s no doubt that we are on the hit list of every cleaning crew in Ireland but most of the time its so worth the mess and we love it.

We have a huge range of confetti machines for hire which allow you to cover any area with any type of confetti. The biggest machines available can deliver 1.5kg of confetti instantaneously or can run for a few minutes continuously. We can even trigger confetti as part of a pyrotechnic display.

We would love to talk to you about you next event production whatever it may be. We know we have the perfect pyro solution for your needs that is as equally perfect for your budget.

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