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The lord let there be light! And there was a good reason for that, the right lighting can be an amazing thing. The link between light and our emotions is scientifically proven. In it’s many forms light can inspire warmth, coolness, peace, assurance and even motivation. It can set the mood, create anticipation and excite an audience.

We know this too well, we have been doing it for clients for over forty years. Our crew have been using light to inspire, motivate and excite in all sorts of event productions in all kinds of settings. The most important thing to remember is; no two events are the same, we know how to exploit the colour, direction, intensity and quality of light to produce the perfect ambience delivering you the perfect event lighting every time.

We only use the very best lighting equipment from the leading brands. Our professional and highly experienced team of lighting operators know how to rock a light show for any live gig or corporate event. We also have the experience to know when less is more, even simple up lighting can be  used to give a plain room a magical transformation.

Other events may require lighting options that use gobo’s for effects on roof or floor. Gobo’s can be usually cut to incorporate a corporate brand logo and used very effective for brand marketing in many situations.

Whatever the requirement or setting our technicians will discuss your event with you and recommend the best solution for your event and budget. You can either dry-hire lighting from our premises (collect the lighting yourself) or one of our technicians can deliver and set up your lighting for you. Leaving you with piece of mind that the lighting for your event is looked after. We will also come back after your event and strip out everything saving you on any additional event transport costs. Needless to say bigger or busier event productions can have an operator and full crew stay on site as required.

Moving Heads and Intelligent lighting has become a lot more affordable in recent years. Banks of intelligent lights can be set and programmed with an easy to use DMX controller unit. This type of lighting system is very versatile and can be seen in use for stage show and nightclub / DJ event settings. Like most modern lighting units they can change colour, pattern and motion at the simple touch of a button.

We would love to talk to you about you next event production whatever it may be. We know we have the perfect lighting solution for your needs that is as equally perfect for your budget. To talk to us simply Click Here.